We help farmers defeat pest and diseases
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How Vetsark Works

Collect and analyze data
Verify mortality/morbidity
Notify Farmers, Veterinarians
Inform local media & ministries
Provide access to drugs and vaccines
Vaccination and breed replacements


Vetsark provides you notification, analytics & support to help you anticipate diseases and prevent their spread
Protect your investment, let Vetsark intelligently advice you on which drugs or vaccines are effective based on data
Save money, use Vetsark cloud-based software to easily manage your farm and veterinary outfit
Get access to premium quality drugs, vaccines & livestock breeds

Join Us

Our commitment at Vetsark is to collect, analyse and make some sense of the data that we have gathered for the benefit of public health safety.

We make it possible to contribute to this process anonymously, individually, and on an organizational level.

Albeit that all data are collated for the benefit of public health safety; However, the power of this analytical tools could be made privately available to you via your private and discrete contributions.

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