Where Can I Buy Dog?

2021 - Raymond


Online market platforms should make this pretty easy for you; Google can help you with specific directions to sellers across the world if you ask it.

If you're in Nigeria however, where I am based at the time of writing this article, jiji.com will be a good place to start; you'll find a lot of sellers clustered there with photos, videos and contacts; just a phone call through should get you sorted. Also, buyadog.com.ng and petsmart.com will be useful to you.

The price of a puppy dog in Nigeria varies; depending on breed. But just so you'll have an idea, a range should be between 2000 - 5000 naira for local breed. Local breed, cross bred with foreign breed such as German Shepherd go for between 20,000 - 50,000 naira. Then, the foreign breed such as Samoyed, Lhasa, Japanese Spitz have a price range of between 90,000 - 350,000 naira and more. Howbeit, prices are not fixed, as they are determined by the forces of demand and supply.


What is the best selling dog breed?

Finally, In Nigeria, the best selling dog breed based on popularity demand is the German Shepherd;  popularly known as the Alsatian. But worldwide, although the German Shepherd is very popular and in high demand, the Labrador retriever is the best selling dog breed. From 2014 till date, they have consistently remained on the top chart of best selling dogs, while the German Shepherd has kept it's number 2 position over the same period.

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