How Do You Treat A Cat That Has Been Poisoned?



The best thing to do once you notice your cat exhibiting severe symptoms such as breathing difficulty or loss of consciousness is to take your cat to an animal hospital immediately. If the symptoms are mild, you can proceed to contact your Veterinary Doctor and relay the problem. Based on the instructions you are given you may then act. If you know the source of the poisoning let your Veterinarian know as well. You may even take a sample of the poison to your Veterinarian. This will aid in proper diagnosis and treatment.


Some of the commonly used treatment methods include inducing vomiting, muscle relaxants, ethanol use, activated charcoal, and fluid therapy.


However, do not attempt to carry out any form of treatment without medical supervision.


How Long Does It Take For A Cat To Die From Poisoning?


Not all poisons ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin will result in death. If help is sought immediately and appropriate treatment begins, it gives your cat a high chance of survival. This is because the toxin has less time to spread and can also be flushed out before it wreaks irredeemable havoc. However, if the incident is not reported and no treatment was administered, the cat can die within a few hours to days, based on the potency of the poison and severity of the exposure. 

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