Is Dry Food Or Wet Food Better For Cats?

2021 - Obaseki Emmanuel


Dry cat food consists of mainly plant-based protein and carbohydrates. It is richer in carbohydrates and contains less protein than wet food. Also, it is more economical because it is cheaper and does not spoil easily when left out for cats to feed -a process referred to as free feeding.


 Dry food however has less moisture content than wet food and this places cats with low thirst drive at risk of diabetes, kidney diseases, and urinary tract complications. Cats on dry food are also more prone to being obese due to the high-calorie density of dry food and since the food is left out, cats can keep on feeding all day without restriction.


Wet cat food on the other hand consists mainly of animal-based protein and has a high moisture content. The high protein content here helps to maintain muscle mass. The high moisture content helps to maintain hydration while simultaneously helping to prevent kidney diseases. The overall effect is better body temperature regulation and maintenance of healthy bones and joints. Wet food usually comes in cans and pouches, which are available in small sizes, making portion control easier. Wet cat food is nonetheless more expensive and spoils within an hour after opening the can if left out. To keep it from spoiling after opening, it should be refrigerated.


This debate of which option is better for cats has been going on for some time. While some experts believe that wet cat food is better due to its rich animal protein value and moisture content, others still prefer dry cat food because it helps with preventing dental issues and is generally more economical. In the end, it is advisable to mix both options in your cat’s diet so your cat can get the best of both while also satisfying your cat's craving for variety in meals.

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