What Will Happen If I Bath My Dog Everyday

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Bathing your dog everyday is certainly ill advised as it can really dry out its skin and result in itching and irritation. Also, it could cause your dog’s coat to lose its natural luster as the natural oils on your dog’s skin would gradually deplete and cause dryness of the skin. The regularity of bathing your dog as already mentioned should depend on the peculiarities of the dog but must not be on a daily basis. 

Can I Wash My Dog With Just Water Everyday? 
Rinsing your dog with just water on a daily basis is also ill advised. This is because, although not as bad as a daily wash, it could still also lead to dryness of skin. Per adventure your dog is one to run around in large puddles or roll around in dirt, and you want to clean it up, you can make use of a damp wash cloth to get the worst of the dirt out and carefully monitor the dog for signs of skin dryness.

Is It Bad To Never Bathe My Dog?
While it is not ideal to bathe your dog everyday, it is still necessary to bathe it regularly. The world we live in today is generally surrounded by a lot of pollutants in the air which settle on the skin of man and beast alike. This makes it necessary to give a dog a bathe regularly. Some dog owners I engaged in a conversation over bathing their dogs, bathe their dogs once a month; some, once in 3 months; others, only when they observe an unpleasant odour on their dog and can trace its source to a need to bathe

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