Is Dry Cat Food Bad For Cats?

2021 - Obaseki Emmanuel


Dry food is not bad for your cats. But it should not be the only source of nutrition for your cat. This is because while it may provide your cat with carbohydrates and some quantities of protein and help with preventing dental plaque formation, it may not be able to provide the right amount of protein or moisture needed by your cat to compensate for its naturally low thirst drive.


How Do I Rehydrate My Cat's Food?


Usually, dry cat food or refrigerated wet cat food may need to be rehydrated to increase moisture content prior to administering it. Rehydration can be done using water, goat’s milk, wet canned food, and bone broth.

If you want to use fluid such as water or goat’s milk, the guideline is one tablespoonful of fluid for approximately 28 grams of freeze-dried food. 


The water can be boiled first and added to the food. Upon cooling to normal temperature, it may then be fed to the cat. Care should be taken not to add excess fluid as this may make the food less appealing to the cat.

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