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After all the puppies are born, cleaned, and fed, give the new mom time to rest up. They’re not that much different from women in that way. Offer water in small amounts frequently. To properly understand the dietary needs of the new mom, keep in mind that her energy needs increases after delivery and during lactation. So, her diet should have a higher energy density which will help sustain her weight, milk production, and overall health condition.


You don’t have to increase the amount of food per meal but you can increase the number of meals throughout the day by adopting free-choice feeding. This is a method in which various foods are kept constantly available and the dogs are allowed to balance their diet. The energy requirement of the pregnant bitch will drop and then come back to the usual around 8 weeks after she’d whelped. By that time, she’d be done weaning her little puppies. It’s normal for a bitch that just gave birth to have no appetite for food, so give her time.


As for the puppies, because ordinary cow milk and incompatible milk replacers could cause diarrhea, feed the new babies canine milk replacers specifically formulated for puppies. Do this every few hours for several weeks. As the name implies, milk replacers are alternative or substitute milk for puppies.


The right nutrition is tantamount for healthy living. The food you give your dog and how you feed it to them can largely determine their quality of life and health. Proper nutrition can also help your dog maintain a healthy weight. This will substantially reduce the risk of illness, and promote overall health. The type of dog food isn't decisive. Both wet & dry food can provide your dog with all-important vitamins & minerals.


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