Wet or Dry Dog Food for Weight Loss?

2021 - Philip Uwaoma


Weight gain happens when there is a higher intake of calories than are burned. It should be noted that no single food makes you or your dog fat as long as they do not immoderately dominate your diet. Nevertheless, there is a real risk of weight gain when certain foods are consumed frequently and immoderately.


Normally, dry kibble is a great dog food option for several reasons besides the facts that it is easier to pack if you travel with your pet, relatively cheaper than canned food, and also because canned foods contain about eighty-five percent more water than dry kibble. So, dry kibble is a cheaper option per meal serving. Put quite simply, kibble is ground up ingredients shaped into pellets.


Dry kibble is arguably the most popular dog food and can be comprised of meat, grains, vegetables, and other ingredients. Some dry kibble brands for dogs have both dry and tender, soft pieces in the mix. Dog brands like Purina ONE® SmartBlend® formulas contain both dry and delicate, chewable bites.


However, to help your dog lose weight, canned wet food can be a better option than kibble because canned food typically contains more proteinase ingredients while maintaining comparatively fewer carbs. A recommended feeding for an overweight dog is foods comprised of mostly meat and rice in the blend.


As with humans on a weight loss journey, keep away table scraps and treats from the dog. Such dog treats should not form more than five percent of the dog’s daily diet. Wet food can often be pricier than their kibble counterparts, but they usually pack more proteins for your pup and that protein is tantamount for your four-legged friend’s weight loss journey.


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