Do Cats Recognize faces?



Cats are very intuitive animals, just like dogs, they possess both short and long term memories. The short-term memories, (also known as associate memories) are used for day-to-day activities, interaction with people, other pets and for survival instincts. The associate memory of a cat  lasts for 16 hours. This is considered very significant because the average short memory of an animal is only 25 seconds. Long term memories have not been clearly defined. However, cats have the ability to remember a former owner or someone who has spent a significant amount of time with him. Actually, cats’ memory is selective, they remember something or someone that has been beneficial to them. Therefore, for someone who has spent a number of good times with a cat, your face will surely ring a bell in the cat’s brain when you two meet again.


How long does it take for a cat to forget you?
As stated earlier, cats’ memory lasts for an average of 16 hours, which implies that if you meet a cat for the first time, the cat will only remember for barely 10 – 14 hours. After that, they forget almost everything that might have happened in those hours because those memories are replaced with new ones. However, as a pet owner who has spent a significant amount of time with the cat, there is a very good chance your cat already have you stored in the long term memory. The more you spend time with it, the better your chances of being in the long term box! Meaning, you will be remembered years after both of you separate.

Do Cats Forget its owner? 
Cats have excellent memory. Although, they do not understand the concept of ‘owner’, they surely remembered the days you fed it with salmon and Tuna. These memories are tied to their basic senses: smell, sound and sight. The more unique type of those senses he is used to, the more distinct and lasting your impression will be on him. However, positive impressions are very easy to store. Just like humans, and every other animal, we are naturally attracted to something that pleases us and therefore try to bring back memories of things that excite or please us, cats on the other hand, will remember the play, food, and affection. Those things can’t be easily ‘thrown out of the window’.

Furthermore, it is important to note that age is also a great factor when talking about cats’ retentive memory. According to research, cats of age 12 and above are prone to Feline Cognitive Dysfunction (FCD). This disease is similar to Alzheimer or Dementia in humans which causes forgetfulness and may cause your cat to forget you tomorrow talk-less of years to come.


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