Caring For Kittens While You Work

2021 - Vanessa Kei


As a working kitten parent, it’s your duty to make sure your kittens are comfortable even when you're away from them. Here are some extra tips that will guide you in providing the best care for them while you’re away:


∙ Implement training and socialization methods such as litter tray and nesting bed training to keep her mostly in the nesting bed especially if she shows destructive tendencies.


∙ Make sure she has access to a lot of food and water while you’re at work.


∙ Even though cats are independent, they need love and attention too. Strengthen your bond with your kitten by having play or cuddle sessions while you’re home and provide toys for her to play with while you’re at work. Provide scratching trees (your furniture will thank you for it) and give her treats to reward her when they use the trees.


∙ Take her outside and on car rides in her carrier, play loud music and introduce her to other people. This will guide her in growing into a well-adjusted adult cat. Once you get comfortable letting her outside, you can install a cat flap in your house so she can move around while you’re at work.


∙ Expose her to other cats and kittens, don’t reprimand her for bad behavior (just ignore her) and reward her good behavior with treats. Consider getting your kitten a playmate to keep each other company.


∙ Generally, cats don’t particularly need to be bathed (except instructed by a veterinarian) but frequent grooming (brushing and possibly trimming of the fur) is important.


Finally, always remember to schedule doctor’s appointments to check for vaccines, worms, fleas, or parasites and to also get your kitten familiar with the vet.


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