How Can I Tell If My Cat Has A Sensitive Stomach?

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A lot of times pet owners find it difficult to know if their cat has a sensitive stomach. Some may confuse it with allergies or intolerance. Cats that often show digestive-related signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, distended abdomen, gas and are unrelated to an underlying disease(s) as verified by a vet, may just be suffering from a sensitive stomach. This is usually seen following a sudden change in diet, medication, or fast consumption of food.


What Do You Feed A Cat With Digestive Problems?


It is imperative to modify the diet of a cat with digestive-related problems. This is because the integrity of the digestive system is already impaired, thus, lacking the ability to accept just any kind of food. Work closely with your veterinarian on diet modification. More often than not, a bland diet such as plain rice, boiled chicken, specially prepared therapeutic food that can be gotten from a veterinary pet store is recommended.


What Food Is Good For Cats That Vomit?


Vomiting (emesis) is amongst the early signs of digestive problems. It can occur as a result of a change in diet, intolerance, allergy, or an underlying health condition. Before deciding on what food to feed your cat that vomits, it is essential to know the exact cause of the vomiting by promptly seeking the attention of a veterinarian. The cause could be directly from the food consumed, in which case the food is to be immediately discontinued, otherwise, the underlying cause has to be treated followed by diet modification to a bland diet preferably.


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