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Cats with sensitive stomachs leave their owners with the choice of selecting the kind of food to buy. This is sometimes burdensome and expensive, especially for the specially prepared therapeutic cat foods. Homemade food remedies are handy and safer as it helps avoid any potential allergen. It is essential to seek a vet’s opinion to ensure the ingredients are carefully selected such that all the nutrients/supplements needed are available and do not further exacerbate the sensitive state of the stomach. Cats need protein, amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and water in the right proportion. Carbohydrates should be included in small amounts. The ingredients so selected should be able to help the digestion process. Example of such includes chicken, turkey, egg yolk, rice, wheat, and oats. They are rich in fiber making them easy to digest and pass the stomach. 


Feeding a cat with a new diet should be gradual in order to allow for the cat to adapt to the changes. Dog food may not contain a high level of protein and fatty acids, at such should be avoided except in emergencies. Other foods like liver (in large quantity) and cow’s milk should be avoided as this could cause Vitamin A toxicity and diarrhea respectively.

An example of the homemade recipe for cats with a sensitive stomach is given below;



Beef (ground) - 2 cups

Brown rice (steamed) - 1 cup

Alfalfa (minced) – 12 tablespoons

Cheese- 1 cup



Brown and drain the beef in a frying pan and allow to cool

Mix thoroughly all the ingredients mentioned above 

Serve to cat


Work closely with your veterinarian for guidance.

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