What Can Cat Eats In Emergencies?

2021 - Innocent Yayirus


In most emergencies, the available becomes the preferable. This can occur due to change in location, expenses, or unavailability of the desirable. Whatever the case may be, care must be taken to ensure that what is available does not pose danger to the well-being of the pet. 


Being carnivores, cats require high amount of protein in their diet to thrive. Thus, protein sources should be considered when looking for alternatives. Cats can eat dog food or human food in cases of emergency; however, it should be done gradually, in bits and should not take long before their suitable food is gotten. 


Some of the options includes; meat (chicken, mutton, pork, beef), cooked fish, cooked eggs, cooked rice, steamed carrots, spinach. 


Salty, spicy foods as well as raw eggs (albumin) and preservatives should be avoided.

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