How Do I Protect My Dog From Insects?

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There is an invasion on the way. Every pet dog owner is at risk. Blood sucking ecto-parasites are coming for you and your dog if you do not act now. But hey, here’s some good news for you. We will be teaching you some survival skills. Before we do that, let us identify the kind of bugs that live on dogs.

What Kind Of Bugs Live On Dogs?

Dogs are basically affected by two kinds of parasites. They are the endo parasites and the ecto parasites. Endo parasites affects the internal organs of the dog, while ecto parasites affects the skin and coat of the dog. Our focus will be on the ecto parasites because some of these external parasites can be transmitted from dog to man. Although some bugs may see your dog as an exotic mansion to live on, other bugs mind there business until your nosy dog invades there territory and receives vital lessons. Below are some bugs that live on dogs.


.Ticks: these are stubborn and small Arachnids that basically need blood from humans or animals in order to survive. They are carriers of a lot of diseases. Should a tick latch onto your poor dog, it will only be a matter of time before it comes for your blood.


. Mites: mites are a tiny class of Arachnids closely related to the ticks. They are found in water, in the soil, on plants, on animals, and on man. Mites found on dogs will lead to hair loss and dry skin of the dog. 


. Fleas: fleas have been fingered to be responsible for the deaths of millions during the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) in Europe during the middle ages. These small wingless creatures feed exclusively on blood. With over 2500 species of fleas, your dog would have its table full fighting off a flea invasion.


. Mosquitoes and flies: mosquitoes and flies which are both winged insects, are terrible nuisance to your dog. They attack softer targets on the dogs body especially those not covered with hair, or scarcely covered with hair. Mosquito bites could give transmit heartworms, a kind of an internal parasite to your dog. Flies also can bite your dogs ear, which may lead to bleeding open wounds. They will then lay eggs on this wound thereby compounding your dogs misery.


. Bees and scorpions: you don’t want your dog to be facing the wrong side of any stinging insect or arachnid. Happy dogs play around and love to explore. The problem is, the bees do not care of your dogs playful intentions.

Now that we’ve identified the kind of bugs that live on dogs, let’s find out ways to tell of your dog has a bug.


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