How Can You Tell If Your Dog Has A Bug?

2021 - Kaase Msoouter Jerry


To a caring and observant pet dog owner, spotting bugs that have invaded your dog should be like a tea party. But if you are new to the game of caring for a dog, here are some signs that bingo has been invaded by bugs.

Hair loss: when fleas have made themselves comfortable on your dog, your dog will begin to turn bald in some parts of its body. You will observe patches of hair missing from your dog’s once healthy body. This is as a result of the allergy dogs have for the fleas saliva.


. Itching and scratching: due to the irritation that accompanies a bugs saliva, your dog will become restless, it will itch or scratch the affected parts of its body. Your dog uses this funny but pitiful technique to ease itself from the unbearable discomfort.

Anemic: what else do you expect from a dog that has been infested by hundreds of blood suckers. These tiny invaders will leave your dog looking pale like a zombie [Sighs, I think it’s time I regulate the hours I spend watching apocalyptic movies] With so much blood drained from its body, your dog will have pale looking gums and may become lethargic.


. Tapeworm infested feces: if you spot some white tiny and wriggly creatures on your dog, chances are that your dog has ingested fleas that carried tapeworm larvae 


. Thorough visual inspection: if you feel that your dog has had a bug invasion, and you can’t spot their hideouts, you can thoroughly check your dog’s ears, its belly, etc. And to take this a step further, perform the white towel test on your dog. Make your dog stand on a white piece of cloth, then begin to brush your dog’s coat. Carefully observe the white surface beneath your dog. Fleas will appear like tiny dots on the white cloth. 

After all these, and you still haven’t spotted the bugs, and you strongly feel something is going down with your dog, don’t hesitate to call in the big guns. Have the veterinarian examine your canine.


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