How Do I Get Rid Of Bugs On My Dog?

2021 - Kaase Msoouter Jerry


This is the tricky part on the war against bugs. If done right, it leaves everyone happy. But disaster may occur if you do not take caution. I knew of a dog owner who out of genuine concern for his dog, bathed his dog in an unfriendly bug control solution. The aftermath was devastating. Poor Lucky wasn’t Lucky anymore as it licked the poisonous substance on its body and died. Apply caution when dealing with your dogs health. It is preferable that you visit a veterinarian for professional advice. There are two ways you can go about in getting rid of bugs on your canine's body. They are;

  1. 1.  The inorganic treatment: these can be administered 

·  Orally: some of these oral bug control treatments kill bugs within hours of been administered, while other cripple the life cycle of the bugs.

·  Topically: these repellents are applied on the dog’s skin. It kills and also prevents bugs from attacking your dog. The number of times you should apply treatment on your dog would be best given by a veterinarian.


2.  The Organic or natural treatment: this is an effective way of getting rid of bugs from your dog’s body. Natural treatments helps you from exposing your dogs from chemicals gotten from inorganic treatments. These treatments, can be ingested, or applied on the doggies coat. Some natural treatments are:

·  Natural oils: like the coconut oil, the neem oil, and essential oils are natural will kill and repel bugs bothering your dog.

·  Garlic: by adding garlic to your canine's meal, to adding crushed garlic into its bathing water, insects will avoid your dog like a plague.  

·  Vinegar: a teaspoon of vinegar in your dog’s drinking water, may just make a big difference for your pet. Mixing vinegar in your dog’s bathing water will also do the trick of repelling these crazy bugs.

·  Hand-picking the bugs: old fashioned but still cool. In your spare time, run your fingers through your dog’s fur and search for unusual lumps. Once you spot any bug, pull them out with tweezers.

As a dog owner, always choose prevention over cure. Ensure that your environment is neat and conducive for your dog. Endeavour to engage the services of a veterinarian for professional guidance.

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