Powered the 56th NVMA Congress

2019 - Vetsark


The Nigerian veterinary Medical association, the umbrella organization of all veterinarians in Nigeria hold it’s congress annually. The 56th annual congress which held from 7th - 10th October, 2019 in Kogi tagged “Veterinary enterprise and entrepreneurship development in nigeria: Challenges and the way forward” was powered by Vetsark.

Vetsark played a vital role in providing all the necessary technical support which included collation of registered veterinarians, distribution of event ID cards and distribution of event materials, Vetsark in collaboration with the congress, created a nationwide database of all veterinarians in Nigeria.

In collaboration with the congress, Vetsark also hosted a competition in the light of solving current problems facing the veterinary and animal health industry. The winner of the competition was given a cash award of 1 million naira to develop and support the growth of the winning idea.

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