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There is a huge dilemma about the study and practice of veterinary medicine in Nigeria with the current uncertainty in terms of job prospects and employment in the sector. Most students opt to study the course with little passion and mostly as the last resort when their desired course of study is unavailable.

Similarly, the course is usually more demanding and challenging than most of its counterparts with accompanying stigmatization of students with derogatory titles such as ‘Animal doctors’. This has created a lot of frustration and lack of interest in the field, thus minimizing the potential and global relevance of the practice within the country.

VetX Event is a series of workshops and training developed by Vetsark in partnership with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine which provides an educational, interactive and fun platform for students to share knowledge, air their views as well as learn from industry experts. It also aims to highlight the emerging trends in the field and what the future of work holds in store for veterinary graduates. The objective is to provide inspiration and optimism about the field and to find lasting solutions.

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